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Gerald Schönfeldinger lives in the southern part of the Austrian province of Burgenland and works as a self-employed musician and instrument maker.


After studying music and violin in Vienna, Gerald was engaged by various Austrian orchestras, including the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra , the NÖ Tonkünstler Orchestra, and the Wiener Johann Strauß Orchestra and performed in concerts in Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and in North and South America.


At the same time as Gerald was pursuing his orchestral career, he dedicated himself to studying the verrophone on his own. His resolute commitment to both further developing known playing techniques for this instrument and discovering new ones, led to the 1991 founding of the Vienna Glass Armonica Duo with his ideally matched partner and spouse, Christa Schönfeldinger.


Meanwhile, the Vienna Glass Armonica Duo has given concerts worldwide, and also collaborated with numerous other artists specialized in various genres, including Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Ferry Janoska, Peter Wagner, Senta Berger, Ruth Maria Kubitschek, Erika Pluhar, and Christiane Hörbiger.

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